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the men accused of brutally beating giants' fan bryan stow get ready to make their first public appearance in los angeles. good afternoon. i'm maureen naylor. we're waiting for the hearing in the bryan stow case too start in southern california any minute now. allie rasmus is live in san francisco where she just got off the phone with prosecutors. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. this arraignment was scheduled
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to start at 8:30 in the morning. we're not sure of the delay. when i checked with the attorneys, they were still waiting for the arraignment to start. the two men are louie sanchez and marvin norwood. we spoke to the attorney. they said a family did not go to the courtroom but instead a legal representative is in court today but he did talk about the attorney's reaction. >> here you have, however, i think a real breakthrough. i think some of the evidence will come out this morning that, in fact, they have the perpetrators of this crime and so forth. so the family's reaction is, you know, this is just another
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emotional tug at them and it would be great to at least get this part of the thing over with. >> reporter: now, initially, los angeles police had arrested a different man, geovanni ramirez, for the beating. police now admit ramirez was the wrong guy. he's been cleared in the case following the arrest of these new suspects, sanchez and norwood. know, girardi, the attorney, is confident they have the right guys and the stow family will get some sort of resolution to this. in the meantime, stow remains in serious condition. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you,. breaking news. the nfl lock jut is over -- lockout is over. nfl players arrived at a washington, d.c. office building this morning to vote on a new contract. tale owners and the players association came to the agreement overnight. the lockout started in march after the two sides failed to
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decide how to divide billions in revenue. the regular season now appears on pace to start on time, september 8th. police are look for whoever shot two people last night, leaving one person dead and another wounded. it happened in a parking lot near east bayshore road and euclid avenue, just north of highway 101, around 10:30. one person died at the scene. the other was taken to stanford hospital are non-life- threatening injuries. the police say the motive might have been revenge. >> it doesn't look like it's one gang against another -- it looks like it's a personal matter. >> so far police have not named any suspects or made any arrests. for the past few hours, legislators in san francisco have been handing out cash to muni passengers in the bayview district. since 8:00, pastors have been on the platform playing the -- pig the $2 fare for anyone who doesn't have the money. the reverend said they handed
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out change to a handful of people this morning who simply didn't have it. >> there's a need in the community. we come to meet the need. >> officers say there was an officer-involved shooting of kenneth harding. the money for this will be coming out of the pastor's own pocket. the fire in the los kye yotis started last -- coyotes last week. cal fire says increased humidity overnight helped crews make progress. some firefighters have suffered from heat exhaustion and an outbuilding has been destroyed. still no word when it caused -- what caused the fire and when it will be -- and when it will be contained. west nile virus, the first
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case has been confirmed. the person who contracted the disease is from is santa barbara county and is now recovering from home. officials say they plan to intensify their state-wide surveillance for the virus. police officers in pleasant hill are expected to attend a city council meeting. the council will discuss a one- year contract that will raise healthcare and retirement contracts for officers. this comes three months after negotiations between the city and the police officers' association. the proposal would save $280,000 this year. tonight's meeting starts at 7:30. people across norway observed a moment of violence today -- silence today for the victims. the death toll has been lowered. the prime minister joined the queen, king and crowned prince on the oslo university to lead the moment of silence.
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huge crowds turned out to join them. they later signed a book of con dole lens -- condolences in the university. the death toll from both attacks was lowered from 93 to 76. the man accused of killing those people, undoers breivik -- anders breivik, pleaded not guilty. he says he agreed to gunning down those people but he wants to make a stop of muslim demonstrations into norway. house speaker, john boehner, has a plan that compalestines a $1 trillion debt -- that contains a $1
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trillion plan that will cut money. this morning, president obama said the defendant sit cannot -- deficit cannot be reduced with this alone. >> both parties have a responsibility to come together and solve the problem and make sure that the american people are not hurt. >> we have a budget deficit of $1.5 trillion. we're borrowing 42 cents on every dollar we spend. we have a $14.5 trillion debt. it's time it get serious about stopping the spending here in washington, d.c. >> the president and others want a credit limit increase that lasts through next year's election. the republicans are accusing the president of being more worried about the election. let's take a live look from the big board in new york city. currently you can see the dow is down 78 points.
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stocks fell after congress failed to reach the deal. at one point is was down to about 140 points. right now, the dow is down 78 points. nasdaq is down 12. s&p is down just 6. overseas stocks closed down in asia with investors there worried about the budget balance. japan's nikkei dropped 8/10. similar losses were seen in australia and in deya -- and india. the debt showdown is forcing president obama to cancel several campaign fund- raisers. campaign officials say the president had to cancel two events planned for tonight at the nation's cap -- capitol. that's on top of two events this week, including one here in california. despite that, he's taking
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sometime some time off today to host the -- some time off today to host the san francisco giants. mr. obama will honor the work off the field in the community. the white house ceremony begins in just about an hour from now, at 1:00. one day after same-sex marriages became legal in new york, a challenge to stop them. the legal action filed this morning. and here is a live look outside. you can see some of the gray is clearing. rosemary's ahead with the heatup in the bay area forecast. and a young surviver from a -- surviver from an accident cling to life. the long road ahead for thissed to already. -- for this toddler. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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police evacuated passengers from the ticketing area of terminal 8 this morning after someone reported unattended luggage. investigators found out a male passenger left it in the ticketing area before jumping on a flight to sfo. the bomb squad soon determined the bag was harmless. a bay area teenager is expected to return home tonight after surviving a bear attack in alaska. ktvu's kraig debro spoke with the teen's family members this morning in richmond and joins
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us live with his life-saving actions to help others. >> reporter: thanks, maureen. victor martin's family can't wait until he gets home. he lives behind me. he's only been gone for about 30 days but because of what happened, victor has a story. victor martin took his first trip out of richmond and was mauled by a bear. >> came after him and that's when he started running and he fell down and started kicking and praying. >> reporter: martin and six other young people were in an alaskan mountain range. the trip was organized by the outdoor leadership school. their is video shot by students from an alaskan trip. two nights ago, the patrol was crossing a river in the mountain range. and just as two or three students got to the other side, they were attacked by a bear. >> there were tall bushes.
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they stein the cub and then they seen the bear. then he ran. >> reporter: despite being injured, armanti joked with them so he couldn't fall asleep and suffer brain damage. >> reporter: sean benjamin is not only the principal at the school where the boys go to school, she's is an instructor with the program. she spoke with him following the attack. >> yeah, they were put to the test and demonstrated just incredible leadership and resilience and adversecy. >> reporter: one thing that didn't work out so well, at least for the family, is why it took eight hours after the group set off their emergency beak cons for rescue crews to arrive. kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. the highway patrol is working to figure out what caused a fiery crash on highway
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1 in pacifica. a car flipped over on manor lane around 1:30 last night. the person inside the vehicle was taken to the hospital. their condition has not been released. the highway was shut down during the investigation. all lanes reopened by 2:00. doctors are in a wait-and- see mode with a toddler on kline na's high speed rail system. they found the child alive 21 hours after the wreck that killed some people. doctors are waiting to see if blood returns to the injured leg of the toddler but they say they may have to amputate it. they say lightning caused the train to lose power and it slammed into another. hugo chavez says his cancer diagnosis won't stop him from running for reelection. he made the announcement this morning in a government news. he's up for -- newspaper. he's up for reelection next
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year. he just completed his first phase of chemotherapy in cuba. despite that, he has not thought about stepping down. the man who accused dominique strauss-kahn of asaying had -- assaulting her in a hotel room is speaking out for the first time. she said strauss-kahn assaulted her when she entered his hotel room to clean it. attorneys for strauss-kahn criticized the maid for this, calling this a media campaign. she said she only spoke out after questions were raised about her credibility. jury selection starts today for william jeffs. this is video of jeffs arriving at a texas courthouse this morning. he's charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of bigamy. authorities captured him after a raid on a ranch operated by
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his church. 400 children were removed from the ranch, for fear they were sexually abused. the memorial for amy winehouse is growing outside her home in london. fans have been leaving candles, notes for the 27-year-old performer. her father came to read the messages with his second wife as well as amy's mother. he thanked photographers and reporters for covering the event and talked about how surprising he is that she's gone. >> it's about one thing. love. her whole life was devoted to her family and friends and to you guys as well. we're devastated and i'm speechless. >> and in the last few hours, we learned the autopsy did not determine the cause of death. authorities plan to -- plan to wait for further toxicology health. her health was considered fragile because of her battle with drugs and alcohol but her
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doctor had recently given her the all-clear as recently as friday. michael jackson's family announced two hours ago that a tribute concert will be held for the late performer. >> he's an entertainer that i -- i feel na no one could ever -- that no one could ever stand up to or hold a candle to ar pass as his talent is concerned -- candle to as far as his talent is concerned. >> the event will take place in britton this october -- britain this october. it will feature artists that will be announced next week. gay marriage advocates are -- protesters are protesting two days after it's passed. protesters fared -- gathered at
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niagara falls. the niagara falls mayor was among those celebrating. >> this ceremony, a symbol of the ability to every couple of to legally wed here in the great state of new york could not have been held in a better place. >> opponents who timed the lawsuit say the bill was approved -- who filed the lawsuit say the bill was approved without going through the appropriate committees and lawmakers who approved the bill were not allowed to speak before the vote. good afternoon to you. we are looking at a cooler day for your monday. take a look at what's going on here. finally breaking away from the clouds. you can see blue sky overhead mixed with the cloud cover that's been slower to burn often than what we saw sunday. take a look at what's going on. the peninsula, still socked in pretty good in parts of the east bay, looking at partly cloudy, mostly sunny skies in some cases. our independent winds are generally -- winds are generally light and a west
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southwesterly breeze continues. 63 in san francisco. 69 in san jose. in case it feels cooler out there, you are light -- right. we're looking at temperatures anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees below what we saw this hour yesterday. concord, 73. 69 in livermore where we may be a little warmer today at the north bay. we're expecting more of a northerly breeze for the afternoon. a than will drive temperatures just a little bit. right now, santa rosa checking in right about 70 degrees. the coast could be a little hard-pressed to clear. do you see the time running here? we didn't really clear out at all for monday? by the early evening hours before the sunset, the clouds will be littling over the -- rolling over the bay area. the trough over the west coast is delivering this cooler air. that will be the case monday and tuesday. we're expecting sunshine for the afternoon for most of us. the winds will pick up, once again, anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour. we'll be below average, once again, anywhere from 8 to 10 degrees in some days. take a look at your afternoon highs. inland valley locations just
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another pleasant day here in late july. looking at 78 for santa rosa, 77 expected. sonoma as well as napa. how about upper 60s for the east bay? 68 in oakland. 79 walnut creek and then warmer as you go east. 80 degrees expected in livermore. 77 in san jose. and the south bay, looking good. widespread 70s there. 76 expected in sunnyvale and then along the peninsula we're going to be sitting in the 70s. redwood city as well as palo alto the, 7, 74. it's gonna be a cool one. we'll continue this trend through tuesday. a slight little warmup on wednesday. and then thursday, friday and your weekend in view, finally getting back to some summer- like weather. high pressure will be building in and with that we'll get that coast sal weather, you know, back to the beach-like weather for the coast and it will be hot, once again, inland.
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>> that looks a little more normal. >> right. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. breaking news from southern california. we have just learned that the hearing for the two men accused of beating up giants' fan bryan stow has been postponed until next month. at this point, no reason has been given but you will recall that the two suspects, 29-year- old louie sanchez, and 30-year- old marvin norwood were arrested on thursday. the hearing we're told will now take place on august 10th. no reason we're -- reasons were given. but the headline is the arraignment has been postponed for the two suspects in the bryan stow beating case. this was -- was supposed to be their first hearing case. we'll have more on this at 5:00. still ahead -- two bay area rivals are being blamed for major layoffs for one company.
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welcome back. here's a live look at the numbers on the new york stock exchanges where we've seen some fluctuating trading. stock prices remain mostly lower. markets have been jittery because of the prospect of the u.s.'s government defaulting on the loan. currently you can see the dow is down 2 points. nasdaq is down 14. s&p is down 6. the maker of blackberry devices is planning to cut 2,000 jobs. canada-based research and motion made the announcement
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this morning. that's 11% of its work force. the smartphonemaker has been struggling to keep with apple and google. it says the cost-cutting measure will help with future growth. employees who will lose their jobs are expected to be notified this week. the chilean miners who spent more than two months in a collapsed mind are sending their story to the big screen. the 33 miners who eamericad from the ground as -- emerged from the ground as heroes have sold their rights to a producer who grew up in chile and has produced films including "black swan" and "motorcycle diary." the film will recount the remarkable ordeal they went through waiting to be rescued. there's no word on how much he spent for the rights. coming up tonight at 5:00, it's happened again, a mother whale and her baby trapped in a california river. we'll have the very latest on the efforts to rescue them. plus -- the new rush to get married in new york. what's being offered here in
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san francisco to help gay couples tie the knot back east. that's coming up on our next news cast -- newscast, the ktvu channel 2 news. thank you for joining us. we'll also have more on the bryan stow hearing case. that hearing has been postponed. have a great day. [ this broadcast captioned by erin c. mc clure ]
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